Support for more file types

first post: keilxo wrote: What file types do you think should be supported? Let me know here

latest post: bevsdk wrote: .mp4 would be nice

Would you like to become an official PKS Child Project?

first post: chevas wrote: Hi Xavier, I'd like to extend an invitiation to you to make this...

latest post: keilxo wrote: Chevas, I would love to make the server side reencoding project an ...

Enhancements you have made

first post: keilxo wrote: This project is open source, so if you download the source and make...

Bugs you have found

first post: keilxo wrote: I dont like issue tracker so if you find any bugs let me know here.

Features you would like

first post: keilxo wrote: What features should be implemented in the next release? Tell me here.

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